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Adult Golden Irishes

Everyone knows puppies are cutest but please carefully consider adult Golden Irishes to see if they seem right for you. Most of the time you spend with this dog will be as an adult. A dog is only young for about a year and a half.

Zoe's field line Golden Retriever pedigree.
Young Golden Irishes loves cat.

Juvenile Golden Irishes

Golden Irishes can be awkward as juveniles but are possibly at their cutest during this stage. They need exercise most during this time so make sure to walk them. Lots of walks means strong bones and long life. Walks are good but limit running till the bones are fully developed. Be sure to play with your Golden Irish since they learn through interacting in the first year.

Golden Irish Puppies

Golden Irish Puppies are so cute it's almost criminal. I advise carefully considering whether you can handle an adult Golden Irish before looking at puppy pictures. Don't ever buy a dog because you think the puppy is cute, but it's definitely a bonus once you've already decided.

Golden Irish Puppy on Sailboat
Sucessful Golden Irish diabetic alert dog.

Notable Golden Irishes

Golden Irishes can have absolutly stunning good looks, but they are also caring and intellegent. We are proudest of our dogs which become service dogs. Because of their fantastic sense of smell and non threatening demeaner, Golden Irishes make superb alert dogs.

Other Media

We have some extremely creative individuals who have produced excellent content with our dogs. We are proud to post their work.

Golden Irish Playing by San Francisco Bay