Shipping Information

Personal Delivery

We encourage families to come pick up their puppy. If you are unable to pick up the puppy, we sometimes offer to personally deliver your puppy. If it can be arranged, we fly with your puppy, in the cabin, and deliver your puppy, to your door, for $1000.00. Please note: United Airlines will not except pets in the cabin under 16 weeks old. When there are several families in the same area, we sometimes take a road trip and are able to deliver the puppy at a reduced fee.

Echo and Zoe, Golden Retrievers
Reno, An Irish Setter

Airline Shipping

There is also the shipping Option: The puppy is shipped as cargo for $650.00 which includes the flight, Crate and Health Certificate. We take great care when shipping your puppy and choose only reputable airlines. We always try to choose direct flights. The puppy arrives the same day. We have shipped all over the USA, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong and even North Pole, AK.

General Shipping Information

The puppy comes with updated vaccinations, dewormed and an optional microchip. We are located in the Blue Mountains on 40 acres, above Weston, Oregon 20 miles north of Pendleton and 20 miles south of Walla Walla, Washington. Visitors are always welcome.
Our puppies come with a 5 year Health Guarantee for Hips, Eyes and Heart. Please go to the Comments page for testimonials about our wonderful dogs.

Reno, An Irish Setter