Our Red Retrievers

Our Golden Irishes

We currently have 5 Golden Retrievers and 1 Irish Setter which can be challenging but they are worth the effort. We have carefully sellected our dogs for their quality in producing Red Retrievers

Tondra, a golden retriever, taking a walk.
Echo, a Golden Retreiver, staring into the distance


Echo, born December 13th 2016, has been a family favorite for 4 years and will continue to be so in the future. She's pleasant and loves everybody.


Geneva was a shy puppy but grew up to be strong and confident. She required a bit more socializing than some golden retrievers, but it was worth it.

Geneva, a Golden Retriever.
Kate by fence


Kate is patient and kind but loves to play. She is very confident and was raised along side Zoe.


Zoe is a field line Golden Retriever with a love of fun. She is an extremely healthy golden who will play with a ball for hours given the opportunity.

Zoe, a Golden Retriever, in tall grass.
Reno, a Irish Setter, visits the vet


Reno is a quirky Irish Setter who often seems regal. He is calm and in control of every situation, but sometimes he throws caution to the wind and just wants to play.

Red Baron

Red Baron is confidant, handsome, and attention loving. He's good with children showing them a gentle demeaner. He's a true gentle giant.

Red Baron, an handsome Golden Retriever.