Our Irish Setters

The Irish Setter

The Irish setter is the source of the Golden Irish elegance and grace. A well bred and raised Irish Setter is absolutly stunning. After years of experience, we have found the ideal Irish Setter for a Golden Irish is

  1. Poised
  2. Healthy
  3. Energetic

The Irish Setter Swagger
The Poise of the Golden Irish

The Importance of Poise

Because of the Irish Setters narrow breeding pool, some Irish setters can be tightly strung. This makes a less than ideal pet and should be avoided especially because the drive tends to be a dominant trait that will often manifest in the hybred. We strive for calm Irish Setter lines to produce confidant companians.

The Importance of Health

Irish Setters have a small gene pool which has caused some regressive traits such as wheat alergies to become common. This is removed in the hybrid except with eye alergies for which the regressive gene is common in the the Golden Retrievers as well. Irish Setters without alergies should be used when possible to avoid alergies in the Golden Irish.

The Importance of Energy

We have found boundless energy to be an excellent marker of health in an Irish Setter. This should be poised, confidant, energy. An Irish Setter that doesn't love to run is probably unhealthy. An Irish Setter that can't hold still is unpleasant. The ideal Irish Setter loves to run but is able to lay down happily after some good exercise.

Golden Irish in Well Earned Rest