About Red Retriever

Our Location

We are located in Weston Oregon which is a small town about 30 miles south of Walla Walla Washington. The climate of eastern oregon is ideal for Irish Setters. Pheasants and Quail do particularly well in this area. Golden Retrievers and Irish Setters particularly enjoy the open spaces which are available in a rural area. These breeds sometimes just need to run.

The Golden Irish born to run
The Athleticism of the Golden Irish

Our Experience

We have been breeding dogs for the past 25 years most of which time we have been breeding Golden Irishes. Genetically healthy lines matter for dogs which we have deeply come to understand. What many breeders underplay are environmentaly inherited traits. We firmly believe a healthy and happy mother will produce healthier and happier puppies than one overly confined and given insuficient attention. Our goal is to unify nature and nurture and help tend a puppy that will become your best friend.